Welcome to the Pro-Volunteering website!

Pro-Volunteering is a collaborative service which matches professional bodies and professionals who wish to use their skills and expertise to volunteer for those bodies. The service is free to use / join and volunteer. Opportunities facilitated through this website are open to members of each body as well as to lay persons (i.e. non members with the relevant professional expertise).

As a professional using this service, you will have access to a wide range of volunteer roles which will provide broader learning and networking opportunities. This will help you to use your transferable skils in a different way and to make a difference. It can also help you to maintain your marketability and increase your employability in the future. Take a look at the opportunities available today and sign up to the RSS feed, to ensure you are notified of future opportunities as they arise.

As a professional membership organisation, charity or trust, you will have access to a more diverse pool of potential candidates, allowing you to benefit from different perspectives and share best practice. If you would like to join Pro-Volunteering, please contact Debbie Atkins, Head of Volunteer Engagement at the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA).